I do offer support and experience trainings aimed at professional growth and customized to the specific needs of professional staff and management.

I do offer support and experience trainings aimed at professional growth and customized to the specific needs of professional staff and management.



I do offer support and experience trainings aimed at professional growth and customized to the specific needs of professional staff and management. My support focuses at their goals related to the improvement of current effectiveness or at the Planning of professional Change in the mid run.

Bearing in mind the challenges and actual difficulties posed by the challenges of our present time, I do apply the same methodology with which I have learnt to understand, assess and create the needed actions to achieve professional development.

  • Creation of opportunity to Change for the prospect of professional growth in the mid term.
  • Improvement of professional effectiveness and results Achievement in the short run.

Planning and support to the evolution in professional Competency:

  • From Admin or customer service positions to functional Business Partner.
  • Development of Impact and Influence skills for Business Partners working in functional areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and IT.
  • Evolving from Business Partner roles to Functional Leadership (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and IT).
  • Evolving from Functional Leader role to Multifunctional or Business Unit Management.

The above services are focused to the direct support of professionals by means of customized programs aiming at their specific needs. They include a number of working sessions to be agreed upon in accordance with the client goals and results expectations.


It is a largely shared, proven opinion that organizations improve day by day as a result of the growing Background levels of their technical, professional and managerial talent, both internally developed and also talent acquired. While this is a very obvious positive move, the challenge of developing collective intelligence and application of solutions to concrete business challenges, still shows great, large room for opportunity.

Fort team achievement purposes, sharing a vision, common intent, while being a precondition for success, still poses the need for individual initiative to ensure impact, influence and leadership within the team dynamics and cooperation frame.

I specialize myself in bringing insight enabling the support for functional teams to enhance their impact and influence skills in the mid run (marketing, finance, human Resources, IT). Thus, creating the conditions for their professional advancement to reach functional leadership growing roles.

Frequently, this insight experience may be continued in Training and Development programs which are relevant for the context in which the teams operate. Different Options may be designed and followed in accordance with individual and team training needs in view of their expectations for goal and performance achievement.

The key concept underlying my methodology is that growth in capacity and skill may be verified only by the actions triggered in view of individual and team challenges. Opportunity for promotion requires consistent, over time sustained results achievement.


I am open to provide service to companies where talent and its assessment and development is a critical success factor for their functioning or in connection with talent related projects they may be planning for:

  • Collaborations with Executive and Professional Recruitment firms significantly involved in carrying out talent assessment in their projects or specific missions.
  • Training and Development consultancy firms managing talent development projects.
  • Change Management processes and High Potential assessment and development projects.
  • Outplacement support projects and processes.


Entirely based on existing, available management narratives and mostly accredited practice, I have assembled a conceptual model, both integrated and recursive for a number of identified capabilities. These competencies relate to each other in a way that they provide assessment, insight and support tools for action in view of professional development in the mid and long term.

Integrated Model: the capabilities for us at hand in the model form a dynamic equilibrium, yet unstable. They conform a crowd of personal and professional characteristics whose management demands a clear focus.

Recursive Model: everything we do and think does impact our surrounding environment and it resends us its feedback by forming a loop relationship which influences our future responses; our environment feedback response can be also viewed as an opportunity for new critical Information and resource.

To understand the status and internal Dynamics of our Competency architecture is a fundamental opportunity in order to coordinate ourselves and connect to our environment and bring effective action.

I assemble this architecture of internal capabilities through 6 clusters of personal and professional Competency.