If we experience the challenges we face only as being imposed on to us, we will never own the right measure of our free capacity for advancement. Yet, we are not be able to build our future if our dreams disconnect from the daily commitment.

Si los retos que enfrentamos solamente los vivimos como impuestos, nunca tendremos la medida de nuestra libre capacidad para avanzar. Sin embargo, no nos será posible construir futuro únicamente con sueños, sin el compromiso diario.


Industrial sector professional

Regulatory expert professional is committed to plan for a new position in the industry. Needs to clarify her motivation and go through the disappointment caused by the loss of former job. Wishes to find a new position which coherently connects with current career profile.

International Marketing Director

After having led the marketing & sales Operation in Europe for an FMCG company, a professional sets for himself the goal of returning to home base in Spain. Then he encounters the second challenge of making his professional profile attractive enough for a local new employer.

R&D Engineering Manager

PhD Engineering and R&D leader holding a long record of technological innovation wants to advance career in executive management for tech companies. After having completed an MBA at a prestigious Business School, he realizes that needs to develop executive and leadership skills at an accelerated rate.